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To be able to deliver the leading hosting solutions, we need to have a dependable structure to develop upon. Which is why, we have developed long–term collaborations with a number of the top–rated Datacenter Facilities on the globe, spread over multiple different continents.

In every of these Datacenter Facilities we have launched our customized cloud website hosting system and also a custom internal network, engineered particularly to correspond to our increased specifications and needs. We’ve got even designed a distinctive server monitoring and notification system in order to keep an eye on all active hosting servers.

Our Datacenter Facilities

It may sound strange to you, but, the web universe is incredibly common with the retail world – the closer your websites are to your customers, the better. You will not only get better connection speed, but you’ll even appreciate increased ranking with both local and worldwide searches.


That is why, we’ve chosen several Datacenter Facilities that you should pick from:

the datacenter in USA in Chicago – select it if you will aim for customers coming from the United States, Canada and Latin America

If your personal or corporate website is meant for people who reside in the USA, Canada or South America, we recommend that you select HOSTneeded’s US data center. Situated in the heart of Chicago, Illinois, it’s one of the most acclaimed data centers in North America!

The facility is located in a rather stable location, which in turn decreases the chance of outages caused by tornadoes, earthquakes or other natural cataclysms. It’s been designed to serve TSPs (telecommunications service providers) and thus provides complete redundancy in UPS systems, network connectivity and security.

In the datacenter in USA, we offer a variety of hosting services for you to choose from – cloud website hosting services, Linux VPS, semi-dedicated services, and Linux dedicated hosting services. And you can easily migrate from one web hosting service to another!

the datacenter in United Kingdom in London – pick it if you are likely to aim for site visitors coming from the UK, the rest of Europe and Africa

For all UK web hosting needs, we have established a collaboration with probably the most popular UK datacenters – Pulsant. It’s located in Maidenhead, only a few miles away from the London Metropolis. Which means that it has less expensive prices when compared with London–based datacenters, but the exact same standard of connectivity!

That is to say in the event your web site is focused on the United Kingdom, Europe or Africa, our datacenter in United Kingdom is the perfect selection for you. All of your clients will appreciate the faster web site loading rates and will have a substantially superior browsing experience. In addition, since you will be literally nearer to them, you will rank considerably better with Internet search engines for local lookups.

We provide the following web hosting solutions in the datacenter in United Kingdom – cloud website hosting services,Linux VPS and Linux semi-dedicated servers.

the datacenter in Finland in Pori – our Finnish data center is a superb choice if you want to connect with people in Northern and Central Europe or in Russia

If you want to host your web site in a facility that’s created to resist aerial assault, EMP attacks and many types of disasters, then our Finnish data center is an ideal option for you. Located in a former underground army facility, it can guarantee top security for your web sites.

In addition, due to its location, this data center gives you remarkable connectivity with Russia, Northern and Central Europe, and also with the rest of the world. If you want your websites to bring in more customers from those countries, the Finnish data center will be the right choice.

the datacenter in East Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria – use it if you will focus on website visitors who reside in Eastern Europe, in countries like Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Armenia, etc

For your site to succeed, you should access a really wide audience. If you’re interested in the Eastern European market, your websites will be ideally located in our Bulgarian datacenter – Telepoint. Based in the capital, Sofia, this datacenter is situated at the crossroads of both nearby and global main Internet lines and it offers you outstanding connectivity for most Eastern European countries.

If you want to target users from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Armenia, etc., then having your websites in the Telepoint datacenter is a clever move – not only will your website perform way faster than if it was located in the U.S.A. or in the UK, but it’ll furthermore rank higher for all local lookups.

the datacenter in Australia in Sydney – go for it if you are going to focus on site visitors from Australia, Oceania and Asia

Having spent months of careful searching, we have now eventually found and settled with an datacenter in Australia that properly responds to our high criteria about connectivity, power and cooling options. The SIS Group datacenter, found in the heart of Australia’s biggest city – Sydney.

With the datacenter in Australia, it’s possible to enjoy outstanding web site loading speeds for the sites you’ve hosted there. And also, since we’ve been allowed to build our custom internal network, we are able to guarantee you a 99.9% network uptime for every website and any server that’s situated in HOSTneeded’s datacenter in Australia.

At the datacenter in Australia we offer cloud website hosting services, OpenVZ virtual private servers and Linux semi-dedicated servers. Thus, if you are seeking to host a small web site, just like a blog, a portfolio, a compact electronic store, a large corporation portal, a media–rich web site or perhaps, a development server – we got you covered!

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