About HOSTneeded

At HOSTneeded, we have developed a cloud website hosting system that’s equally rich in features and simple-to-use. Our developers have created a unique Linux cloud web hosting platform plus an impressive Control Panel that properly uses its features. After long hours of development and QA testing on our side, we are today in the position to guarantee that all our cloud website hosting services are risk-free, virus-free, loaded with capabilities and easy-to-work-with. Furthermore, we have 99.9% server uptime and 99.9% network uptime guarantees.


A Unique Cloud Hosting Platform

Crafted by some of the best skilled engineers around, our cloud hosting platform functions properly irrespective of what site you want to manage there or the number of co–occurring readers are checking your web site. What is more, it can hold up to just about any DDoS attack. This is exactly why we’ll confidently supply you with a 99.9% uptime warranty. Which means that your web site will always be on the web and will continue to serve all the customers irrespective of what happens in the background.

Control Panel

An important part of our cloud hosting system is the Control Panel named Hepsia. Hence, we created it to be quite simple to operate. But, we did not drop any features – the Control Panel is fully–featured and aside from all the basic web site management options, it contains also more than a few tools for advanced users.

What the Control Panel can do absolutely best is always to assist you to direct your attention to running your web sites and domain names. To give an example, you won’t have to use an isolated billing panel – it’s all carried out in the exact same location. It’s possible to rid yourself of all FTP clients – our file manager includes a drag’n’drop document upload support. You no longer need to keep standalone panels in order to handle distinctive websites – we’ve made multiple–website control fairly easy. A website stats tool starts operating whenever you take your site on the Internet. Plus, you can benefit from our Website Acceleration Tools to instantly boost your website’s loading speed.



Support is without a doubt imperative when you operate a web hosting firm. Our experienced technicians are available twenty–four–seven. And also we supply you with a one–hour response time guarantee, so that all service queries are responded in less than 1 hour.

This means you can actually email us at 12 A.M. on New Year’s Eve and we will be available, able to assist.

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